About Us

About Us

Oklahoma Pulse Softball is an 18 and under softball team in Oklahoma. Oklahoma Pulse consists of high school players from various towns in Oklahoma. The team travels to cities in Oklahoma and the surrounding states.

Oklahoma Pulse was founded by Marcos Ybanez. Marcos has been coaching baseball and softball for the past 15 years. He has coached travel ball at all levels including High School Baseball and High School softball. He founded Oklahoma Pulse Softball with two goals: help players grow in their relationship with God and to help players achieve their goals in softball and in life.

our mission

Our Mission is to change the perception of athletics in today's world. The world puts athletics above God. Our mission is to put God above athletics. We utilize softball as a platform to spread the Word of God by using our God-given talents to glorify Him.

It is our mission to teach our players that our relationship with God is first and foremost. In today's world, athletics focuses on three things: the ultimate goal of college, increase performance to edify ourselves, and make parents or coaches happy. This is twisted. However, everything that we are, everything that we have, and everything that we will be is a gift from God. In return, our gifts should be used as a platform to share the gospel and glorify God. Our gifts should not be used to edify ourselves, please our parents, or please others. If we can shift our focus from softball and onto God, the three things stated above will fall into place. By understanding that their gifts are from God, players begin to put in more effort because they are playing the game for more than just themselves or their parents. They are playing the game to give back to God what He has given them. When they have this mindset, it helps create a player with great work ethic, a new understanding of why they play the game, and in return, everything will fall into place. It will create a player that increases her performance, pleases her parents and coaches, and has the tools that colleges are seeking.
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